Happy 2016!

imageI’m BACK!! HAPPY NEW YEAR my peeps!! 😁😁  I know the last half of the year I was completely slacking, but things got super busy and between birthdays, the holidays, work and just life in general- the blog took last priority. But I never stopped thinking about ideas for it or got away from the nagging feeling that I should just write something, so here I am!

2016!!! Wow, that year flew by!

My son is now almost two. So, what’s ahead?  I don’t know. I have hopes to continue this and be committed to it. I have hopes for changes in the upcoming year too.  Changes perhaps in the workplace, and at home. Things right now are all over the place and nothing feels settled.  I hate feeling unsettled. I don’t like making hard plans and I hate not having some sort of guidelines but as much as I want to, some things are out of my control unfortunately.

So, I’m choosing to focus on the things that I want to happen!

  1. I want my son to be healthy and happy. He seems on track for that!
  2. I want to be more active in teaching him things and spend more time with him in general. His kisses, smiles and hugs are the best thing in the world to me. They heal me.
  3. I want to make more time for myself. I’m always so busy trying to bend over backwards to make others happy, that I tend to put myself last! But I decided 2016 will be the year I am more selfish with myself. Why am I not top priority?
  4. That leads into #4! I want to be happy. All the time. I’ve always been a happy, bubbly, upbeat person. I think I lost that for a while. Taking on the traits of others is not my best suit, so I need to change that. And only I can make myself happy, because relying on others will never work out.
  5. I want to be creative again. I used to paint, take pictures, write stories, write poems- anything creative filled my soul. With life, I stopped all of that for a while. I love being creative so I want to pick that up again.  This past year or two, I’ve been filling that hole by party planning- I love it and I love coming up with fun ideas but I want to dabble in other areas as well. Perhaps that’s where this blog comes into play!
  6. I want my personal life to be happy and back on track. I hate useless arguments and not feeling secure and supported. I can only give as much support as I receive.
  7. Positivity! I want only positive people in my life. If they’re negative or draining, I’m over it. I know plenty of soul suckers. Go that way 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉&#x1f3fe. I want to be positive to others as well and inspire them to be happy and creative and successful!

Those are my goals! I realize they’re more vague than specific but that’s what I hope to accomplish in 2016. My family is my ❤️, as long as I have them nearby I am happy. I see a bright 2016 ahead of me, I think I might need some shades!


What are some of your goals for the New Year? Whats the one thing you hope to accomplish or master?

New posts to come!



Oh My Dose! Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review






So I’ve been obsessed lately with the Vegan, Liquid Lipsticks from Dose of Color. I first read about it on a makeup blog and went in search of Instagram photos to check out just how pretty these lipstick colors were and I can vouch, that they are gorgeous. Check out the website yourself for these beauties!


At first I bought two to test them out:

*Merlot (a more reddish/wine tint)



*Berry Me 2 (a plum color)

The liquid lipstick goes on smooth and liquidy like lipgloss except you have only a few seconds before it goes matte, so you better be sure there’s no errors or smudges! Once it’s dry, the color gets a little more intense and it stays on for a long time. The only time it starts to budge is when you eat greasy foods. These lipsticks are a great choice if you’re looking for bright pops of colors that last a long time. It’s $18 a tube though, so you might not be too inclined to buy several. I’m a sucker for them, so I went back and got:

*Pinky Promise ( a bright pink)

*Coral Crush (an bright orange-pink)

*Truffle (a neutral shade of beige)
Out of all of them, I was the most disappointed with this one. Maybe it’s because I love a pop of color and I had thought this would be a nice beigey plum over my lips but it went on almost the same color of my face so it was just a big ol plain of nothing on me.

Overall though, I really LOVED these lipsticks and they’re staying power! Even with their high price tag, they are worth it and I plan on getting more in the future.


Peace, love and happy spending!


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… Part One

That header line is certainly not true! Being a true blue New Yorker, I wasn’t sure how much I would like Philly and I’m surprised to say, that I liked it. A lot! There’s a certain serene feeling to it, a charm and friendliness from a bygone era and an artistic vibe that I definitely didn’t expect. I thought New York had the arts covered but the artsy vibe in Philly feels more like the early 90’s New York than New York does now. When everything was still gritty and done for the pure love of the art and not commercialism. Granted, I’ll never love anything more than I do my own city, but Philadelphia was quite a nice surprise for us.

We hit Philly to visit friends of ours and we’ve been loving the feel. It helps to have amazing friends that are so fun and culturally aware of things. They took us to the best places like Green Eggs Cafe in Northern Liberties and even though there was a wait, it was worth it, the food was that amazing! http://greeneggscafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Philly-Spring-2015-Menu.pdf.
The food was fresh and so rich and delicious. We ordered the kitchen sink which tasted like a hot smothered in gravy filled with biscuits and potatoes southern breakfast. Our friends ordered the chicken and waffle dish, which I turned down because I don’t like mixing my savory with my sweets, and boy did I kick myself for that decision! That chicken was incredible– so tasty, juicy yet still crispy… I kept looking at my husband’s dish but that grinch barely spared one spoonful with me. I’ll let you salivate over these pictures. Yum!



The first day we spent in Philly was gorgeous and sunny, the remaining days were drizzly and rainy but we made the best of it and still had a great time. In the 4-5 days we were there, we packed in so much fun! We went to the Please Touch Museum which was beautiful and so much fun for the kids! It was extremely interactive and included everything from a fun with water area called river adventures, a carousel, a space station where you can propel your own rockets, city scape- an area where kids can simulate work professions such as construction or simulate food shopping at a supermarket and more. You can easily spend the whole day there with your kid but we spent half a rainy afternoon there with good friends and our kids.


Belles & Sebastian



We visited the Adventure Aquarium which is in Camden, NJ- just right across the river from Philly and we had a lot of fun, particularly because we met up with one of my older, close friend from childhood and it was so nice to be able to catch up with her and see how big her kids have grown. My son is a natural people person who loves other kids, so of course he gravitated towards her sons and wanted to be on top of them right off the bat. Isn’t it weird when you haven’t seen someone in years and when you see them, it’s like you guys never missed a beat and you pick up conversations easily? It always amazes me when that happens. I certainly believe in lifelong friendships (though I haven’t had a lot of luck in that department) and responding to the vibes people emit. I love when things just click, and sure enough–even when I haven’t seen this friend in years, things automatically drop back into place when I do see her! Ok, forgive my rant. FOCUS!

The aquarium was a little run down but so much fun for the kids. I especially, liked two areas: the hippo haven which featured 2 hippos from the African Nile called Buttons and Genny. These two (big) little ladies were adorable! Mammoth in size and weight but so agile and delicate on their feet, it was fascinating to watch them glide through the tank and interact with other animals from their natural habitat. I also loved, the Jellyfish tank (so peaceful) and the SHARK tunnel-which my son was scared of but was so cool!image

Hippo Haven- Adventure Aquarium

image image image

We also visited the Philadelphia zoo! It’s one of the first zoos built and one of the nicest. I’ve never before seen a mesh walkway built above ground and basically over the zoo for animals to roam overhead, so it was a sight to see a tiger and monkeys (in separate tunnel overpasses) walk above you. It’s incredible, and you get a birds eye view of these magnificent animals right above you!



image image

And last but not least, we hit up Sesame Place! The main reason for this trip. My son watches Sesame Street so we knew he’d recognize some of the characters and he loves to dance along to songs and music–so the musical shows they had during the day at the park was so much fun for him. We also got on rides and watched the musical parade.

As working parents, it’s always hard feeling like you don’t spend enough time with your kid(s). My husband and I both work 40 hours a week each, and even though we have my mother-in-law watching our son 3 days a week since my husband’s days off are during the week, we both feel we don’t spend enough time with our son-or as much as we would like. So vacation is an especially luxurious time for us since we get to spend 24/7 with our kid, and even though he’s little, he knows the difference and revels in seeing us still there when he wakes up from naps, and being able to snuggle with us during the day and having a lot of outdoor adventures! At the end of vacation, he definitely gets separation anxiety from being away from us and we get the working parent’s guilt back full force. I guess that’s why during that off time, we value it so much and try to make it as much fun as possible and squeeze in tons of family naps, snuggles and kisses. When we were thinking about a fun place to visit that wouldn’t be too far from New York City and my kid could have a blast in, we thought Sesame Place. At 15 months, we wanted him to be able to do activities, and us do them alongside him–that’s why Philadelphia was the perfect place-we each got to do something fun we wanted. For the 5 days we were there we did soooo much stuff and spent time with GOOD friends, it was an amazing trip.






Stay tuned for the second part to the Philly trip–I have more photos galore!

Two different looks…Playing with Makeup


To the left is the Jlo inspired bronze look, To the right is my usual pop of bright lip color (Mac Ruby Woo)

I watched Ashley Suarez’s video tutorial collab she did with Ashley Wagner on how to get that J.Lo summer glow and it inspired me to do my own makeup for the day! Ashley’s Fashionista Wife Mom blog and video tutorials are awesome so be sure to check them out. Her website is: https://fashionistawifemom.wordpress.com.

I tend to do my makeup with bright lips and black eyeliner, with no foundation or powder. I’ve tried foundation before but end up washing it off within a few minutes because I feel like my skin can’t breathe. So I almost never use it. Some eyeshadow, an eyeliner, and lipstick is my usual routine and I’ll play with bright pops of color on my lips. Some pics as examples below. Rarely do I go nude with the lipstick because I feel like something’s missing, but Ashley’s video inspired me to try a warm dewy palette with brown eyeshadow, lots of gold Bronzer and highlighter with a nude lip. What do you guys think? I like it. I also lightened my hair color the other day to a bronzey-brown color so I think this makeup complements it well.

The USUAL looks:


Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick mixed with Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple (love it!). Silver eyeliner and black eyeliner



Lipstick here is a combo of NYX soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa and Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in Fuschia. Black eyeliner topped with white eyeliner


Mac Penultimate eyeliner in Rapid Black and NYX Soft Matte Cream lipstick in Addis Ababa















For the Jlo inspired look, I used:
-Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Bronzer in Give Me Sun to bronze and contour around my cheek  and chin area.
-Physician Formula’s Smoke Nude eyeshadow in the golds (light and dark) to add depth and  highlights to my eyelids.
-Mac Penultimate liquid eyeliner in Rapid Black since it’s so easy to use
-Milani #11 Beach Sand to highlight my brow bone
-Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter to add some glow to the apple of my cheeks, tip of my nose and chin. https://m.benefitcosmetics.com/product/view/high-beam
-Benefit mini nude lipstick in Lady’s Choice Lana, that I received as a free sample

Here are some close-ups!  image

imageEnjoy! GGVEGA <3


I’ve been MIA! Baby Clothes, Shopping and Party Planning!

Apologies for having been MIA. My personal life and work life have been super busy, which is a good thing. So, I thought I’d make this post include a smattering of all the things I’m currently juggling, and have brought. Excuse my jumping around and all-over the place but it should be entertaining!


1) SHOPPING:  I’ve been shopping up a storm for Sebastian! Summer is here and he needed a few items to add a little kick to his wardrobe! My recent penchant has been to shop small boutique mom and pop shops or online stores that sell organic clothes for toddlers. I’ve been eyeing cool onesie jumpsuits for Seb and the Sweet Luka Mo one sold on http://nickyandstella.com/ is so cool I had to have it. They have really fun, hip clothes for your trendy toddler. It’s a cotton spandex/jersey romper with a loose fit and my son loves it. it’s especially lightweight and cool for the summer heat. I also got him some custom paint splattered leather moccasins by Max Moccs Etsy store. They are so comfy and supple and the paint splatter just gave it a cool artistic vibe. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaxMoccs. My son loves it. Nicky1

Nicky2 #SebastianJax
























MORE SHOPPING:  I’ve also picked up some items for him from @Trendy Bubs! It’s an online instagram store that sells organic baby/toddler clothes to order. Every Friday they have a #FabricFridays where the seller posts new fabric she’s been able to get and it’s a first-come, first-serve type of order placement -limited quantities available-where the moms (mainly) leave their email address and type of item they want (whether its shorts/leggings/tank/hat and what size they want it in) until the fabric sells out. https://instagram.com/trendybubs/ . It’s pretty a cool and innovative way of selling and it’s the new trend. I am in brainstorm mode with my sister-in-law who is an amazing seamstress/sewer extraordinaire to come up with a similar instagram shop and give it a go! Details to come!!

Anyhoo, I bought him dream catcher leggings/pants and a a yellow/black birds on power lines fabric for pants and a beanie. I received the package last week.  I LOVE the dream catcher leggings. It’s my favorite and I just love dream catchers. The other fabric is a really cool print but the texture of the fabric threw me off, I wasn’t expecting it to be so slinky and thin. But it will be great once the summer heat really hits.



2) CONGRATS & PARTY PLANNING: My other sis-in-law just graduated from college and it was amazing to see her walk to get her diploma. I’ve watched her grow and mature for the past 9 years into the beautiful, smart, ambitious woman she is now. It’s crazy how time flies! My best advice to her is to live her life and follow her dreams. Forget what people want you to do, only you can make yourself happy. Follow what you love, not the money. No one will ever be happy chasing money. But if you do what you love, money always follows (eventually). And TRAVEL! I don’t care what anyone says, traveling opens up a whole new world of culture and people to you and it’s something that no one will ever be able to take away from you. It helps you grow as a person and puts your life into perspective! When I’m home I gripe about the little things that life throws your way, and then I travel and see how good I have it at home and how many things I take for granted that a lot of people around the world may not have, and it puts my husband and I into team mode (us against the world) and we grow closer and fight less–plus it’s always an adrenalin rush to be somewhere foreign where you don’t know anyone and you discover a whole new corner of the world. That’s why I encourage her to travel and why it’s fitting that she majored in Travel & Tourism and why her grad party theme is travel and ‘let the adventure begin’.  We’re all helping her plan her graduation party and one of the first banners I saw on Etsy, I fell for and seemed perfect for it.   https://www.etsy.com/shop/GIRLBYE










Congrats Sugar!








3) CONGRATS & PARTY PLANNING: My other, other sis-in-law (I know, how many do I have! lol) is having a baby!! So we’re in party planning mode for her baby shower. She had the idea to make it a co-ed backyard BBQ theme so I already know that’s it’s going to be fun! I think she was thinking more of a hoe-down red tablecloth type of shindig, while I was thinking more of a over-the-top girly theme but in the end it was decided that it would be a rustic, down-home but still pretty outdoorsy baby shower with touches of softness and glam. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! These are the ideas we’ve been throwing around.



I go to Kara’s party ideas website for some decorations ideas and I’ve bought a few things from there. http://www.karaspartyideas.com/  Seriously check it out, she has an amazing blog and free printable templates and you can shop directly from her store. I also LOVE Shop Sweet Lulu http://shopsweetlulu.com/ it has the prettiest decorations ever! I bought a lot of cute Kraft paper and pretty pink decorations for the shower (see above)! I also hit Save on Crafts http://www.save-on-crafts.com/  for some tree slabs (like the above picture) http://www.save-on-crafts.com/woodslabs8.html  to put on the baby shower table to really tie-in to the rustic theme. I also bought burlap runners, burlap fabric, and a beautiful drinks dispenser! drink-dispenser-13-1i hope you like my recap! I have many more things I’ve bought for both parties, so I’ll post more soon and things are percolating as I write. New posts and adventures to come!









perfect2IT’S A CURVY REVOLUTION OUT THERE! Look at that picture above, aren’t these women beautiful??!!

With more and more women standing up for themselves and more mommas deciding that stick-thin models should not be the only type of body role models their daughters should be exposed to, and big/curvy gals embracing their beautiful curves and setting them free (on Pinterest, Instagrams, etc), there’s been tons of backlash against a specific type of beauty image being shoved down society’s throat, and it’s about DAMN time!

I’d like to point out and say that EVERY BODY is beautiful, from skinny, thick, boyish, big, disabled…whatever God blessed you with is what you should be grateful for. Plus size and bigger girls specifically, have always been made to feel ugly and fat-shamed, so I’m glad there’s a revolution happening. I think curvy is beautiful! What man wouldn’t want something soft to grab onto? So what if you have some fat rolls, or too much junk in your trunk, or too much jiggle in your arms–as long as you are HAPPY and feel healthy, that’s all that matters. Worry about your own body and don’t try to put down anyone for theirs!

That’s why I’m 100% behind this body-positive movement! Growing up, there were only super skinny, no-ass having models to look up to. I don’t have anything against thin/skinny women, I think we’re all beautiful but we as a society and the media should be more inclusive of what we represent as “beautiful”. I can remember being told to lose weight from age 10. I’ve always had a butt and thighs, but I’ve also always had a strong personality, so I would tell people to F*ck off. But not every little girl lets criticism roll of their backs so easily.  Why should they be subjected to that? Babies, girls, women are beautiful, no matter their size. We as adults, should let them be. Let them explore, run around, live and be happy with themselves, because it isn’t until someone tells them otherwise that they start feeling embarrassed about their bodies. I say we take our power back. The power to be happy with ourselves, the power to know we’re NOT PERFECT–we’re humans, we’re made to have flaws.

Plus size consumers spend a ton of money on clothes. Why not make curvy clothes to look appealing and accent the positives instead of offering big mumus and shapeless clothes. I’m so glad that businesses are catching on and adding a plus size to most of their brands. H&M+, Forever21+, Charlotte Russe Plus, Target’s new Ava & Viv line, Asos Curve, Torrid, Carmakoma, ModCloth –they’ve all blown up in the past two years, so someone’s finally taken notice of what a lucrative niche this plus size category can be. Fatkinis are all the rage now as well. It started with Gabi from Gabifresh.com showing her curves off in a bikini and then teaming up to design her own plus size bathing suits and now tons of bigger girls are out and proud, showing flesh everywhere! I salute them with my jiggly arms! lol

Three campaigns making waves right now are:

1) Lane Bryant- Their #Imnoangel campaign has hit the ground running. This is a play off of Victoria’s Secret Angel campaign which only features thin models with tiny wasp waists and protruding ribs. LB’s models say they are no angel because they don’t fit that beauty ideal. The core message being that Beauty can come in any size! Their ads are all over the trains, i saw it on the F train in NYC and their Youtube video is simple but beautiful.


I’m No Angel campaign-Lane Bryant/ IMGModel



2) Curvy Kate— Is another recent retailer going toe-to-toe with the Victoria’s Secret Brand–which advertises themselves as a perfect fit for all. But that’s not true. Curvy Kate just did an ad campaign showing what an imperfect body looks like, a real women’s.

vs models.jpg


3) Swimsuitsforall.com – has also kicked up a notch this year by having one of its ads run in Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Swimsuit Issue as part of its  #CurvesInBikinis campaign. Everyone was up in arms about it because they thought the cover model was plus size–no, the ad featured in SI was. The ad features plus-size model Ashley Graham and it’s the first time Sports Illustrated has run an ad featuring a plus-size model in its magazine. Ashley is absolutely gorgeous in all her curvy gloriousness. So what if she has some dimples and cellulite? Most real women do.

 ashley graham

Plus2Swimsuits for All also did a swimsuit shoot featuring real women of all shapes and sizes with curves. That’s reality, not what you see airbrushed in a magazine. plussports-illustrated-2014-07

Why can’t we all be beautiful? Beauty should not be inclusive, it should have no size. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that’s the message we should be promoting and most of these campaigns are doing that. I hope I’ve left you with some food for thought!


Movie Mondays: FURIOUS 7


I went to see the newest movie in this Fast and the Furious franchise, FURIOUS 7 and I have to admit, I liked it!

I’ve watched all 6 of the previous movies so I was looking forward to this installment, this is one of my guilty pleasures– something about all those cool shiny cars pushing the speed limit, and the adrenaline of it all, along with the familiar faces of the beautiful Paul Walker (RIP), the badass Michelle Rodriguez, the comic sidekick Tyrese, the smartass one-liner Ludacris, the big and hulking the Rock and the monotoned voice of Vin Diesel that welcomes me back.


The movie delivered on what it promises: fast car speed thrills and rocking vengeful fights. Bloomberg News did a comparison of all seven films and out of all them, the Furious 7 movie was definitely the one with the most high speed chases (49 minutes of it) and the most brawls (with 33 minutes each)! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-06/proof-that-furious-7-is-the-fastest-and-most-furious-movie-yet

F7 does not disappoint, but let me tell you, the action sequences were a little fantastical! It has Vin Diesel (Toretto) flying off a cliff and surviving it no problem, even though the metal outside of the car barely makes it. Or the scene in Abu Dubai where Paul Walker and Vin Diesel get in a 3 million dollar car (there are only 7 made in the world) and they proceed to trash it and use it to jump between 3 tremendously tall sky scrapers in the air mind you, from building to building. Yes, you can say the unbelievable factor was a little extreme in these daredevil stunts but it was entertaining nonetheless. The return of the Rock is always a plus, as he’s just a massive kickass character. Let’s not forget the great fighting scenes with Paul Walker kicking some ass on a bus full of Asian flip masters or the girl-on-girl muscle fight between Michelle Rodriguez who still managed to look hot throwing kicks to the thoats and taking roundhouse kicks to the stomach by none other than MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.
I know the hubs loved that scene. Smirk.



The two scenes that standout the most:
1) A ridiculous action scene where 5 of the main characters decide to fly into a top secret location otherwise inaccessible by plane- with their cars inside the plane- and then flying out of the plane in their cars and timing it perfectly to drop on land and continue riding. It’s almost too ridiculous to watch but the adrenalin rush is worth it.

2) The movie actually starts out almost eerily prophetic with all the charcters attending Han’s funeral, promising each other not to go to any more funerals. That’s the script of course but it’s crazy to think of Walker filming that ironic scene and then passing away in real life. Paul Walker was a charismatic, engaging actor and supposedly an amazing, giving person in his real life, so it was a shock to hear of him passing. It’s a great loss to many, including his fans that will always adore him. The last scene shows his character Brian choosing to live a low-key but happy life with Mia and his son. At the end, he follows Vin Diesel who left without saying goodbye because it’s never goodbye for him- and they flash back a tribute to all the previous films and the camaraderie between a young Brian and Dom and its both fun and incredibly sad to watch at the same time. Wiz Khalifa’s new track about family and seeing each other again is a moving soundtrack in the background as you see Paul and Vin reach a fork in the road and Paul takes the path on the left, driving a white car into the sunset. It’s an emotional farewell well done for the golden boy of the Fast and Furious saga.



Hope you enjoy it!

Movie Mondays: THE DUFF


I’ve always loved teen movies. Apart from horror, it’s always been one of my favorite genres to watch. My favorites have always been the classic 80’s ones like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Can’t Hardly Wait and the slighter grittier urban ones like Kids and Bully.

Watching The Duff- so what does D.U.F.F. Even mean? It’s an acronym for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Lol. It’s actually quite clever. But a horrible label to have. Especially if you’re a teen! The movie did make it clear that the DUFF didn’t necessarily have to be ugly or fat– she/he was the just the most unattractive one out of the bunch. The one most relatable and easier to talk to because their friends attractiveness probably intimidated everyone else.

The movie was actually quite funny and entertaining. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. Bianca, the “Duff” doesn’t even realize she is one because she’s been best friends with these two girls this whole time. Until Wesley, the cute annoying jock next door points it out and makes her realize it and then she gets pissed with her friends for being pigeonholed into this label by them. She thinks they did it purposely but of course they tell her she’s ridiculous that all three are just friends and there is no Duff. But with Bianca having become aware of it now, she doesn’t want to be part of the crew. Instead, she enlists Wesley to help revamp her look, help her talk to her crush Toby and get her out of the Duff zone.

Through her journey of transformation, she finds her self confidence and realizes that everyone is someone’s Duff and she sets out to change the social order. Its a funny movie with a good message, particularly nowadays when cyber bullying is at its ugliest. It deals with that hot button issue in a relatable way. Did this movie break the mold? No, but it was a fun time spent watching it. I also realized that it reminded me more of the current teen movies like Easy A and Mean Girls. A funny teen comedy with a message.

Shopping Expedition…pre-Mexico trip

SHOPPING!!  My favorite past time. So before I left on our much awaited trip to Riviera Maya-Mexico, I realized that I needed to buy a few things for the trip.

1) Travel bag– I have a lot of bags, mostly for work. But I needed a travel bag that could fit my makeup, my husband’s glasses and headphones, some magazines and my kindle, and some of my son’s stuff as well–along with having a lot of pockets, particularly something with a zippered pocket at the front for easy access to our passports. After doing some research, I realized I needed a “weekend bag”–big enough to fit all those needs but not too big. I came across the perfect bag on Pinterest, the PoCampo Midday Weekender bag! Here’s the dimensions: W 16″ x H 13″ x D 7.5″. Just know that it’s perfect; not too big or too small. Comes in different “themes”–mine is bicycle print, but there’s a beautiful Light Blue/White Sky Stripe one. There are a TON of pockets in this, including my coveted outside handy zippered pocket, along with a zippered bottom compartment (it’s almost secret and so cool!) that I’m pretty sure is meant for shoes but served my diaper purposes.



Mine is green and brown, with long handles for using it cross-body or short handles if you prefer just to carry it. It also has these black elastic straps that you can put a yoga mat through or in my case, my coat and my son’s blanket.



It was perfect! $95. Link below.


2) Compact/small travel stroller- We have an awesome City Mini stroller that we take everywhere. But that sucker is heavy and not easily foldable. So I thought it would be a good investment to buy a small umbrella stroller that is very light (I wanted something 10lbs or less) and easily portable. The problem with umbrella strollers is that they are not typically that comfortable and the wheels are not made for uneven NYC streets. I also wanted one that had a huge sun shade for my son since he’s a vampire baby and hates the sun in his eyes. I found the one I needed in the UppaBaby G-Luxe Stroller. It is beautiful! Comes in different colors, light weight, very EASILY foldable, has a shoulder strap to carry, a mini stand to boot, and has a cool big sun shade. The downside was the price! I didn’t want to spend $200 on a travel stroller, but I could justify a good price since we do take a lot of trips and would need this regardless. I found a great one on sale- the 2013 version- on Amazon and we scooped it up. Look at this beauty!









Sebastian LOVES it!  The sun shade was big, the wheels were nice and sturdy, and most of all, it was comfortable–the seat is very padded and it reclines into 3 different positions, including all the way back to sleep in and Sebastian took quite a few naps in it. It comes in different colors and I believe you can start using it from 6 months and up.

Last but not least, I needed a good pair of sandals to walk around in, that I could wear to the beach and that I could take on and off easily. Plus, be cute of course!


I have a few pair of Toms booties so I already know they’re comfortable. When I came across them this Playa version on Zulily, I snapped them right up! I love the tribal print and the fabric wicks up any sweat but is soft enough not to be uncomfortable. I love the colors since most of my wardrobe is black. I ordered a 7 1/2 which is what my feet are now after the pregnancy (thanks kid) and they’re still a little long and big on me. So if probably suggest sizing half a size down. As you can see they come in a bunch of different colors and are so cute.


All my purchases were spot on and I got good use out of them in Mexico so I’m happy. I hope this is helpful.

Now let’s enjoy the Spring!

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